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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

Say hello to the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, wherein we take a look at the most awe-inspiring tweets from both local and national restaurant figures.

@TylerFlorence: "I'm working on a twitter 'cooking school' idea, would you guys be into that?"

@dcpatterson: "Someone brought in fakest 61 petrus ever.Tasted like napa-Australian hybrid:modern, clean, extracted, alcohol jumping off glass.W/new label!"

@ChefGuyFieri: "home in santa rosa, doin voice overs for triple d, meetings with management team, a few interviews, disney tomorrow,yea"

@StephanieIzard: "Just had a few chicken fuckers in columbus.... More to follow when I sober up"

@roccodispirito: "still cant believe adam didnt win."

@humphryslocombe: "Not joking: I was just touched by an angel. There was just a drunk, naked Midget in our bathroom AND he had a glass eye-I love Carnival!"

@tablehopper: "20,000 leagues of whoa: live uni, live scallop, and octopus that blew my mind in the most unexpected of places: zushi freaking puzzle."

@tamalelady: "birthday party at Zeitgeist coming up, stay tuned, this twitter account will be one of her birthday presents"

@dominiquecrenn: "Dinner@RN74 ..great wine, great food"

@dominiquecrenn: "just had lunch@RN74 , great food"

@shunafish: "Every chef needs at least one fellow chef confidante whose candid truth they can ask for, and rely on."

@linecook: "It never fails: When we play fuck, marry, kill, i'm always the one getting hitched."

@ruthreichl: "The picky eater in our family - Stella the cat - just turned up her nose at leftover shards of Copper River salmon. Maybe she wanted more?"
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