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EaterWire: Rohan Shuttered Too, Pica Pica Expanding

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INNER RICHMOND—Today's edition of Lady Hopstress reports that Rohan Lounge on Geary has been shuttered. The goodbye note is pictured above, and per Miss Marcia, word on the street is that Rohan had stopped paying rent. [TH]

NAPA—The Cork Board brings word that Pica Pica is expanding operations in the ever-evolving Oxbow Market. Come August, the Venezuelan eatery will open "a Latin-style beverage bar" across the way, serving ceviche and other such bar food, fruit shakers, beer, cocktails, and sangria. [CB]

THE INTERNETS—According to SFist, is tragically cutting out its LA and SF sites, much to the chagrin of everyone who enjoys free booze. So maybe pour out a little liquor? [SFist]

SAN FRANCISCO—Just in case you've been sitting on the edge of your seat for an update regarding the whereabouts of one Ryan Scott of Top Chef fame, this blog reveals that he's currently scouting out locations for his new restaurant in the city. [Garden Path]