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EaterWire: Mobile Food Alerts Across the Bay, Berkeley Blocks Panda, New Marin Sushi, KFC Riots, MORE!

SOMA—Laurent Katgely of Chez Spencer is hopping on the mobile vendor trend. He's going to park a reborn taco truck outside Terroir on weekend and will serve ... French food like skate braised with capers. Prices will be, ahem, less than $12. Not quite the same street food appeal as say, MSF's original incarnation or Kogi, but we'll see. [Scoop]

SANTA ROSA—But this is an idea we can strongly support off the bat. Rosso Pizzeria remains a hotspot up north, and MB called their pizzas "some of the best pizzas [he's] had." And now they are going to have a mobile pizza oven at the Santa Rosa Wednesday night market, starting next week. Brilliant. [PD]

BERKELEY—The always-protesty UCB students seem to have won their fight against barring Panda Express from campus, as the Panda contract was rejected at yesterday's meeting. [DC]

EATER BOOK CLUB— Mark Kurlanksy (the guy who wrote food-related books like Cod, Salt and The Big Oyster) has a new book called The Food of a Younger Land about the the culinary habits of an earlier America, and he'll be reading/discussing the book on May 19 at 7pm at Books Inc in Opera Plaza. It's free. [EaterWire]

MARIN—A new sushi restaurant is going into the cursed Mill Valley space that has previously housed a Thai restaurant, First Crush, Mi Casa and Ora: "In a few weeks it will become Tsukiji, whose owner, Roy Lui, owned Ikura in San Rafael from 1993 to 1999, and Morpho Sushi in San Francisco's Cow Hollow district." [MIJ]

CHAINS—While New Yorkers riot for Oprah-endorsed free KFC grilled chicken, someone actually took the time to check the ingredients for the "healthy" and unsurprisingly, it's full of nefarious MSG and evil trans fats. [LAist]

Chez Spencer

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