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EaterWire: Inside Blue Macaw, More Farm:Table Details, and Even a Snake Head Pic

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THE MISSION—Complete with interior shots, Mission Mission has a encouraging (we think) report from Blue Macaw's preview night last week, with some bonus fun facts. The walls are full of parrots, there is no Frank Chu in sight, and it's called Blue Macaw because the owner rescues parrots. Where does one rescue parrots in San Francisco? [MM]

TENDERNOB—Earlier this week, in an edition of the Plywood Report, we wondered about Farm:Table on Post. A commenter sheds more light on the situation: "farm:table is run by a former blue bottle coffee staffer striking out on her own. she also makes caramels that used to (?) sell at miette." Blue Bottle be taking over everything. [~ESF~]

THE MISSION—Is an epic pig brainstorm coming soon to Maverick? Per @chefyouk: "Thinking about putting the chicharonnes on my porchetta sandwich. Good things can happen when two cultures (or pigs) collide." [Twitter]

GROSS OUTS—The victim of today's alleged TGI Friday's snake head gross out sends in a blurry shot of the snake to Consumerist (yum). [Consumerist via ENY]

[Photo: Mission Mission]


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