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Burma Wars: Pagan to Open Sequel in Superstar Territory

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The Richmond: Burma Superstar has long been one of the busiest restaurants in town (see its Gatekeeper). Long waits are often a given, and until last year, it was the only show in town as far as Burmese restaurants went. Then Pagan opened and the SF dining scene loved it. However, there was always a 30-block buffer zone between the two Richmond powerhouses. But now, Pagan is taking the incipient rivalry to the next level, as it is taking the ballsy step of opening a second location a few blocks away from Burma Superstar. The offshoot will be pretty much the same as the original, though the less-popular Thai half of the menu might be dropped. Bigger picture though, this means that there's another option down Clement when Burma Superstar quotes that 90-minute wait.

Burma Superstar Restaurant

309 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94118 415 387 2147