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EaterWire: Chalet Seeks Exec, Odyssey to Shutter, Pizza at Joey & Eddie's, Street Food Updates

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Who will land at Beach Chalet?
Who will land at Beach Chalet?
Photo: Flickr/thomwatson

OCEAN BEACH—George Morrone made the Cliff House relevant again; can someone revive the kitchens at Beach Chalet and Park Chalet? Sure, they get plenty of business on both sides as is, but a new exec chef could surely help the food situation over there, yes? [CL]

WINDSOR—Per BiteClub, Odyssey will be shuttering in mid-July. Chef-owner Rudy Mihal, a vet of Cafe Boulud and Gramercy Tavern, notched three stars for food last year (2.5 stars overall) and made waves for his DB-inspired foie gras/black truffle burger. [PD]

NORTH BEACH—Tack on another pizza option in NB, kinda: over at Joey & Eddie's, Joseph Manzare and co. are now doing Monday pizza nights, offering "Sicilian-style pizza" once a week. [EaterWire]

STREETS OF SF—In today's street food news, the Amuse-Bouche cart was kicked out of the Noe Valley Farmers Market by a police officer for undetermined reasons (but probably because it is, you know, technically illegal), while two more vendors join the already-saturated fray: SF Moo Moo Cakes and Bicycle Basket Pies. Lordy. [NVB/MM]

SEATTLE—Mario Batali and Tony Bourdain spoke in Seattle over the weekend, discussing Bobby Flay, Alice Waters, best meals and so much more. [GS]