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EaterWire: Limon's Lounge, Nate's Tats, TCM's Ratings

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THE MISSIONThe Daddy brings word of a new underground (literally) lounge at Limon Rotisserie, now open on the weekends. It's described thusly: "This subterranean spot is a supper club meets Studio 54 version of a wine bar." [UD]

DEPT. OF FUN FACTS—When it comes to tattoos, not only does Nate Appleman have those signature sleeves, but he's got tats all over his chest too. [Inked]

THE MISSIONBurrito Justice has concocted a hilarious visual representation of just how ridiculous the El Tonayanse taco truck move to "20-40 feet away" is. [BJ, previously]

TELEVISION—The ratings for the Top Chef Masters premiere are in. The good news is that it was the highest-rated series premiere for that time slot in Bravo history. The bad news is that it only managed half the rating as the most recent premiere of Top Chef. [TLF]

ST. HELENA—Despite much opposition, St. Helena is getting a stop on the Wine Train, albeit on a trial basis: "The plan is for the Wine Train to chug into St. Helena at 6 p.m. on the first Friday of each month, coinciding with the popular Cheers! social event downtown. The Wine Train would carry just one passenger car with a capacity of 50 people." [NVR]


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