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BOOM: New Metreon Restaurant Lineup Revealed

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B-O-B, La Boulange and Mixt Greens among those en route (but not necessarily in the literal slots indicated).
B-O-B, La Boulange and Mixt Greens among those en route (but not necessarily in the literal slots indicated).

SoMa: With all due respect to the new market, the Metreon's significant makeover will take place next year, as the complex undergoes its "restaurant-centric" renovation. We shared the renderings when the city approved the project back in March, and now some prospective tenants have been been announced. The upcoming lineup is basically a who's-who of the FiDi quick-service, casual eatery scene: Mixt Greens, another location of Bay Bread’s ubiquitous La Boulange chain, a 70-seat Best-o-Burger, and the first in a chain of noodle bars from Arnold Eric Wong and E&O Trading Company. Red Mango is also in lease discussions with the new management.

As for the main attraction on the top floor, the Tavern on the Green, things aren't nearly as rosy. They've got their hands full in New York, meaning SF is definitely on the back-burner. From the Biz Times article:

New York City is expected to make a decision on the fate of its Tavern in early July, and until Tavern knows if its bid to renew its New York lease will prevail, the size and future of the business in San Francisco are unclear.

“If we get renewed in New York, we’ll probably be in San Francisco the next day to finalize design details,” said Michael Desiderio, chief operating officer of Tavern on the Green. “If we don’t (get to renew in New York), it may take longer, but we are ? very much committed to being part of Westfield, of the Metreon and of SoMa.”

In other words, while the smaller restaurants are ready and willing, you might not want to bank on that West Coast TOTG—and its $13 million build-out—arriving in a timely fashion. More updates on the situation as they come in.
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