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EaterWire: Bistro 24 Retools, Churchill Reappears

NOE VALLEY—NVB gets the confirmation that Bistro 24—aka City Grill's successor—is the second attempt by Stefano Coppola from Lupa next door to turn the space around. It will indeed be of the French ilk, and is not related to Bistro 9. [NVB]

NAPA—Just in case you were wondering about the whereabouts of local Top Chef alum Marisa Churchill, last seen at Fly Trap, she's the new executive chef at Napa Valley's G.L. Mezzetta. So there's that. [ABC]

EMBARCADERO—Not only was Guy Fieri at Q last week filming his SF episode, he also made the rounds at Pier 23 Cafe last Tuesday. [~ESF~]

THE MISSION—Don't forget that tonight is the Tamale Lady's birthday party at Zeitgeist. [LS]

CHICKEN WARS—KFC rival El Pollo Loco has put out a 15 second ad in California revealing not-so-shocking “unexpected ingredients” in the chain's new Kentucky Grilled Chicken: beef powder and rendered beef fat. [NRN via Eater NY]

STONESTOWN—In the mood for mall food? How about free mall food? How about free mall food on a stick? Per the Appeal, Hot Dog on a Stick will be giving away free hot dogs from 5pm to 8pm today. Please do plan your evenings accordingly. [SFA]