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Hangover Observations: Cochon 555

Nob Hill: While the Food & Music Fest disaster reports continue to stream in, the smoothly-run food event of the weekend took place last night in Cochon 555. Located at the Fairmont, the pigfest set out to raise awareness for heritage breed pigs by pitting five local chefs in competition—Ryan Farr (4505 Meats), Nate Appleman (A16/SPQR), Staffan Terje (Perbacco), Peter McNee (Poggio) and Ravi Kapur (Boulevard). Yes, there was pig posturing involved. To complement the above gallery, here are some quick thoughts from last night:

1) We'll refer you over to the Bunrab folks for a tidy breakdown of the (many!) individual dishes, but highlights included the following: Farr made a pulled pork taco in a chicharrones shell, Appleman did pig skin sushi, McNee's "trotter tots" were a crowd pleaser, Terje played with pig's blood, and Kapur rolled out bacon Rice Krispies treats.

2) This might be the only time giggling lady servers wandering the crowd are overjoyed to bluntly ask "D'ya want some pig face?"

3) As far as we know, there was no pig uterus this time around, the closest (we think) was McNee's pig-haggis.

4) There was, however, something we'll call Corn Dog Corner, where Team Farr released gourmet corn dogs meant to circulate the crowd. Thanks to a hovering section of 4505 tattooed folks (see above), the corndogs went very quickly.

5) And the underdog winner of the "Prince of Porc" title, thanks in part to those aforementioned trotter-tots: Minnesota's finest, Peter McNee.