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Happy Endings: Alemany Vendors Allowed to Stay

Bernal Heights: Last week, a clash erupted when the Alemany Farmers Market revealed that it was evicting several of its most popular vendors—All Star Tamales, El Huarache Loco, to name a few—in order to make room for more parking. Well, a few petitions and one week later, the city has backpedaled and has allowed existing vendors to stay.

Apparently, with space being the impetus for the applications process, the city has found a way to accommodate more vendors. Now, regardless of what you may think of the controversial RFP process (and to be sure, there are arguments to be made on both sides), allowing the long-standing vendors to stay is in everyone's best interests at this point, and as a commenter astutely put it, "you don't address scaling back the market so it attracts fewer customers. That's economic stupidity."
· Alemany Market Giving Controversial Boot to Vendors [~ESF~]
[Photo: Flickr]