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EaterWire: Antica Worker's Tale, Lake Chalet Gets a Chef

MARIN—The MIJ shares the heart-warming story of Rogelio Chan, a worker at Pizza Antica. Chan was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, but thanks in part to the efforts of his co-workers, he's recovering from life-saving emergency surgery. [MIJ]

THE CASTRO—Via Menupages comes the news that a new confections shop called Sweet is now open on Church Street, next door to Sparky's. [MP]

OAKLAND—Not too much new in tomorrow's Scoop, but the upcoming Lake Chalet has found itself an executive chef in Jarad Gallagher, last seen at One Market. The 400-seat East Bay offshoot of Park/Beach Chalet is now slated for August. Until then, there are plenty of renderings on the Lake Chalet site. [Chron]