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Falkner, Wylie Star Tonight; Overall Winner Revealed

The second episode of Top Chef Masters rolls out tonight, and though we're thinking the entire season will mirror the premiere's carefree/low-drama vibe, tonight's ep might prove to be a little more entertaining for those of you who found the first ep to be a bit lacking. Not only is another local, Elizabeth Falkner, is among the quartet, but molecular gastronomy extraordinaire Wylie Dufresne is involved too ... and he's tackling the chicken and the egg conundrum. The quickfire brings back an old TC favorite in the amuse bouche-vending machine challenge, while the elimination challenge will be a Lost-themed one.

In other Top Chef Masters news, YumSugar reminds us that newsletter writer GraceAnn Walden claims that Chicago's Rick Bayless is the overall winner and will take home the $100K for his charity. She ran the spoiler last week, coincidentally in the same issue with a Bayless interview.
· Is Rick Bayless the Winner of Top Chef Masters? [YumSugar]