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Telling Postrio Goodbye: Final Memories

We asked for your Postrio memories, and you answered. As we let Postrio ride off into the sunset (this is our final post on it, swear), we had to rewind the clock one more time to share a few more anecdotes:

· From the inbox: "When we got to San Francisco we stayed at the hotel Postrio was in. We took the opportunity to have a sumptuous breakfast after our a.m. morning TV and radio appearances. The place was rocking even at that hour. We were seated and a few minutes later, almost like out of a dream, Wolfgang came over to extend his warm greetings. He seemed to be plugged into some higher awareness I had ever seen a Chef possess as to who was in his dining room. I think his adopted "Grandmother" ... must have had a hand in his knowing of me. And then on top of that he turned around and introduced us to the couple sitting right next to us whom happened to be of a young Chef (and his assistant at the time) whom I had been hearing great things about from New York City. His name was Jean-Georges Vongerichten! Even breakfast was that way at Postrio."

· From the inbox: "I moved to SF as a young adult in 1990. Postrio was the hottest ticket in town. I was working as a hostess at another downtown restaurant ... I also took my then-boyfriend to dinner there once. I was wearing a classic dress I bought at a thrift store. Postrio's bar was the first place I drank Billecart Salmon champagne, which I fell in love with. I think it was 1995. I sometimes refer to a time when a $7 glass of chardonnay at Postrio was considered expensive."

· From the inbox, describing Wednesday's finale: "Da Mayor [Willie Brown, naturally], wearing Kiton with braces, offers a toast to Postrio, 'a San Francisco icon - like the Golden Gate Bridge, the (Transamerica) Pyramid and," he laughs and says "me!" ... Wolfgang countered Da Mayor's toast by recounting the story of how the name Postrio was chosen. Unless you're as old as I am, you might not remember that we announced a contest to come up with the name, and the winner was to receive free food for life. Of course we came up with the name ourselves, but we did give some guy on the Peninsula the prize for his entry of "Postreat." Probably the jumping off point for Postrio, anyway. Wolf rewrote history for last night's occasion by recalling the contest for free food for life - he paused just for a split second and said, "of course Willie Brown was the winner!""
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