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Plywood Report: Cane Rosso, Philz, Sunflower, MORE!

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Spot some fresh plywood on your block? The tip jar awaits.

1) Ferry Building: We've seen the exterior of Cane Rosso before, but here's a look inside Daniel Patterson's much-anticipated casual follow-up to Coi. June still seems to be a possibility for the old Mistral space's rebirth. [PLYWOOD]

2) Van Ness/Civic Center: Local coffee classic Philz Coffee has signed onto one of the two retail spaces in the Symphony Towers complex on Van Ness between Eddy and Turk. According to sources, it should be open within a month, if not sooner. It's one of three upcoming Philz spots around the bay. [PLYWOOD]

3) Potrero Hill: In the old Baraka space on 18th Street, the Mission's Sunflower is still poised to move in. The new ETA looking like the end of the month, but new signage is already up, and it looks pretty much exactly like the Baraka signage. [PLYWOOD]

4) Polk Gulch: At 1161 Post (between Polk and Van Ness), there's something called Yamasho moving in. Anyone know anything? [PLYWOOD]

5) SoMa: The Creamery's spinoff taqueria was originally hoping to be open by now, but a look at the space behind the coffeeshop reveals that Iron Cactus is still a ways off. Stay tuned. [PLYWOOD]

6) SoMa: Things are looking up for eastern SoMA. From a tipster: "Yesterday on my walk to work, I noticed that an Italian Delicatessen is going in on Townsend Street, on the block between Ritch and 4th St. It's right next door to the down pillow store and the "Modern Spaces" furniture store. Along with Little Skillet, seems like good lunch time options are FINALLY opening in eastern SoMa!" [PLYWOOD]


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