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Dispatch From Aspen: Traci Des Jardins Unveils Manzanita

Not unlike a director at Cannes, Traci Des Jardins took full advantage of the Aspen stage—and its Louis Vuitton shop—to roll out the full shebang for her upcoming restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton Highlands up in Lake Tahoe. It's going to be called Manzanita, and if all goes to plan, it's going to be the first name-chef, destination restaurant in Tahoe. Designed by Atlanta-based Johnson Studios, Manzanita will consist of 94 seats, plus a 71-seat bar and a 100-seat outdoor patio. The dinner/bar menu is in full below, and the early ETA is set for winter. Who's excited?
· Manzanita Menu [.pdf]
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