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EaterWire: E&O Reopens, Jai Yun Lunch, Nestle Recall

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2009_06_eandoback.jpgUNION SQUARE—About three weeks after being hit by a fire, E&O Trading Company is back open as of today. [EaterWire]

FIDI/CHINATOWN—With the help of a translator, a Chowhound explains the new lunch menu at Jai Yun, priced at $18, $25 or $45 per person: "The number of courses will depend on the number in the party. For example, he said that a party of 2 would probably be served two cold dishes and two hot dishes." [CH]

NATIONAL—After 65 people across the country fell ill from E Coli traced back to Nestle's premade cookie dough, the company recalled 300,000 cases of the product. The best quote comes from a shopper in DC: "When I heard about the recall, I thought, 'Is nothing safe anymore?...If bacteria has gotten into Nestle's Toll House cookie dough, then everything is suspect." [WaPo via Eater NY]