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Location of Smuggler's Cove Revealed: Jade Bar

Hayes Valley: When cocktail master Martin Cate announced Smuggler's Cove a few weeks ago, the bar was instantly dubbed the "greatest tiki bar on earth." At the time, Cate kept the location a secret, instead directing curious tiki fans to the series of intricate clues on the official site. Well, we don't mean to spoil the fun—and the online treasure hunt is absolutely worth doing—but the nice thing about California is that there's always a paper trail. A sweet, sweet paper trail. And it seems Mr. Cate has filed a liquor license application at 650 Gough Street, home to Jade Bar, and we've since gotten confirmation that Jade is in fact closing (it's been on the market for a while). The tri-level space is certainly unique, with the water installation being the design centerpiece. Suddenly those promises of interior waterfalls make a lot more sense.
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