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Chef Comebacks: Yahya Salih to Make Return at Jannah

Western Addition: Speculation has been swirling regarding Jannah, the upcoming "Middle Eastern Californian Cuisine" restaurant in the old Gabin/brothel space on Fulton. All the permits are in place, and an opening is scheduled for late next week or right after the holiday weekend. But that's not the best part: as it turns out, the chef will be the pioneering Yahya Salih. Salih was one of the city's most popular chefs during the '90s and was last seen shuttering his critically-acclaimed Yaya Cuisine on Van Ness (now Helmand) back in 2007. Until Jannah opens, a sneak peek at Jannah can be enjoyed in the gallery above.
· Plywood Report, 4/14/09 [~ESF~]