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EaterWire: Tcho Makes Moves, Michelin Ditches LA

EMBARCADERO—"Chocolate upstart" Tcho opened a 20,000 square foot factory on Pier 17 earlier this year, and today they made another power play: they've hired Scharffenberger and Ghirardelli vet Bradley Kintzer. [BT]

LA/VEGAS—Big media news out of Michelin today: after two years of doing editions for both Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the French guide will discontinue both cities this year. According to Michelin, it's only a temporary suspension, spurred by the economy. [LAT]

EATER BOOK CLUB—Gotham Books has bought Grant Achatz's memoir Life on the Line: "Mr. Achatz had feared that publishers might balk at the dual-voice approach, with passages by Mr. Achatz alternating with others written by Nick Kokonas, his friend and his partner in the Chicago restaurant Alinea...The book is tentatively scheduled to be published next fall." [NYT; previously]
[Photo: Flickr/nialkennedy]