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The Plant Cafe

Pier Three, The Embarcadero
Phone: 415-984-1973
Status: Opening today.
Though the quick-service cafe debuted last week, today the restaurant portion of the Plant Cafe rolls out. The second location of the green/organic cafe is much bigger than the Marina original, with the new Pier Three version including ~110 seats, 4600 square feet and the pier buildings' high ceilings. The Cass Calder Smith folks designed the space—look for an edition of Eater Inside tomorrow—and since it adheres to according to LEED certifications, the inevitable self-coronation as the "greenest" cafe in the city has already taken place (sidenote: maybe someone should conduct a faceoff with Mixt Greens). The menu obviously reflects the yay-earth theme, but do note that it's not a veggie-only restaurant, as they do serve meat.
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