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Tony's Pizza Napoletana

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1570 Stockton Street, North Beach
Phone: 415-835-9888
Status: Opened Saturday.
Right on schedule, Tony's Pizza Napoletana made its debut this weekend. Though there are non-pizza offerings, the crux of the menu is definitely the 26+ specialty pizzas, including owner/champion pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani's award-winning margherita ($18 and yeah, pretty legit), the television-featured Cal Italia, and even an eyebrow-raising $38 truffle pizza. However, most pizzas fall in the mid-teens price range, and are categorized based on oven type and region: American, Sicilian, classic Italian, et al. Only 73 margheritas are made daily (a number explained by a story on the menu; we're pretty sure it doesn't really make sense). A cocktail menu will roll out later this week to complement the beer/wine selection, but do note that Tony's is closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Bonus: like a good pizzeria, they do takeout too.
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Tony's Pizza Napoletana

1570 Stockton Street, , CA 94133 (415) 835-9888 Visit Website