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Eater Inside: 5A5 Steak Lounge

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Jackson Square: The stylish gal you see here is 5A5 Steak Lounge. The interior is surely still recognizable as the late Frisson, especially with the signature ceiling/light fixture still lording over the space. But the Chens—Steve and Albert, no relation—did make some notable tweaks to the high-profile space, with the help of designer Michael Brennan. For the most part, the basic Frisson structure was maintained, but the colors were toned down from oranges to creams and browns, and the panels between the dining room and lounges were nixed, opening up the room a bit. Also new are some faux snake skin action (see The Yin's fine work above) and a mini fire motif—there's a glass-encased fire installation and a dynamic screen projector behind the bar. More on 5A5's whole "steak lounge" concept, including the menus, can be had in the Eater Archives.