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Chef Shuffles: Jake des Voignes OUT at Fish & Farm

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Union Square: Right on schedule, Taylor Street's Fish & Farm is temporarily closed this week for a quick facelift. The locavorish eatery is slated to reopen this weekend with a fresh paint job (the blue, we're told, will be replaced) and perhaps more notably, that experimental pricing scheme.

But there's one more twist to the new version of Fish & Farm: Jake des Voignes will no longer be the executive chef. Des Voignes has been at the helm since since early '08, when he and Charlie Kleinman left Fifth Floor together to run the F&F kitchen in tandem. And now, with Kleinman's new project coincidentally slated to open any week now, des Voignes has moved on as well. According to sources at Fish & Farm, a replacement will be named later in the week.
· Experiments in Menu Pricing [~ESF~]

UPDATE: Chad Newton is IN.