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Evolutions: More on the Bar Johnny/Tonic Takeover

Russian Hill: Last week, news leaked of the Bar Johnny's lame duck status. There's still no definite name for the upcoming bar/restaurant, but with escrow open, the Tonic guys are ready to swoop in whenever the liquor licenses go through. Of course, that timeline is always a crapshoot, and the way the ABC is backed up these days, likely odds are early fall. In the meantime, many more details have now emerged regarding what the new ownership team has planned for 2209 Polk.

In terms of the food, a good reference point is probably Harry's on Fillmore, another Ben Bleiman endeavor. Similar to Harry's, the food will be straightforward bar food that's become more and more common in this economy: burgers, wings, quesadillas, and the like (related: no word on the fate of the Bar Johnny signature burger). Nothing will be over $9, and in an ideal world, the kitchen will stay open until 2am everyday, which was the impetus for the project: that side of town has a dearth of late night options. As for the space, they'll keep it mostly as is, modifying only the lighting to make it more "moody," plus installing new tables and exterior signage.
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