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FiDi Shuffles: Bonbon Shuttered, Newcomers En Route

Financial District/Belden Place: Lots happening in and around the Kearny corridor this week, so pay attention, FiDi workers. On the bright side of things, Trademark Grill is slated to open in the old Voda space next Monday, courtesy of the Elite Cafe folks. But perhaps the bigger neighborhood news is that Bourbon & Branch spinoff Rickhouse is opening its doors tomorrow, much to the delight of downtown workers in dire need of a watering hole, and also cocktail lushes everywhere. More Rickhouse frenzy will take place later in the week, but on the other side of the equation, a click down Kearny, Bonbon has closed for good after less than a year, with the owners (also of Belden Place's Plouf) deciding to rethink their gourmet patisserie concept.