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EaterWire: TK's Chicken Kit, Five Update, Aicha Open

BERKELEY—An update from Scott Howard regarding his upcoming Five in the Hotel Shattuck, which is now slated for late June to early July. The bar/lounge, though, is closer: "hotel shattuck plaza is opening tomorrow -looks like the bar and lounge will follow later next week." [Twitter]

KELLER'S WORLDChow stumbles upon a new product at Williams-Sonoma: a Thomas Keller fried chicken kit. For $14.95, you get the Ad Hoc lemon-herb brine mix and dredging mix for "crunchy double coating." [Chow]

POLK GULCH—A tipster points out that the replacement for De Afghanan Kebab House (may it rest in peace) is already up and running. Aicha is open. So many Moroccan joints opening up lately. 1303 Polk Street; between Bush and Pine; (415) 345-9947 [EaterWire]