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The Shutter: Final Tally, Q2 2009

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Jack Falstaff, RIP
Jack Falstaff, RIP

Half of 2009 is now officially in the books, which means it's time for the quarterly review of shuttered San Francisco eateries. By our unofficial count, there were 30 closings in the last three months, but even though April, May and June saw several heavyweights go down (Postrio, Jack Falstaff, Jeanty at Jack's), the good news here is that the number is way down from the 40+ of the notoriously-difficult first quarter. After the hop, witness the carnage. Cue the Elton John as you pour out a little liquor.

· Asqew Grill
· Bonbon
· Brick
· Cafe Gratitude
· Cafe Majestic
· Curbside Taqueria
· City Grill
· De Afghanan
· Fire House Cafe
· Ginger's
· Hayes & Kebab
· Indulgence
· Island Cafe
· Jeanty at Jack's
· Jack Falstaff
· Jones
· Joseph Schmidt
· Kaleo Cafe
· Lightening Foods
· Los Socios
· Mama Mia
· Old Krakow
· Postrio
· Ritz-Carlton Terrace
· Rohan
· Sangha
· Swirl Culture
· Tortas El Primo
· Whisper
· Yogurt Bar

Did we miss any? Do tell.

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