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EaterWire: Cha-Ya Open, Impala Bullet-Ridden

INNER SUNSET—Tonight, the second SF branch of Japanese vegetarian restaurant Cha-Ya will make its debut. To start, only dinner will be served (nightly, 5pm-10pm), and it's the same menu as the other locations. 1386 Ninth Ave, near Judah; (415) 731-2388

NORTH BEACH—On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, the latest instance of clubland violence took place early this morning when two men were shot at Impala. As SFist points out, Impala just happens to be the exact same venue highlighted earlier this week in SF Weekly's piece on the "the failures of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission to adequately regulate violent clubs." [SFist]

OAKLAND—According to the Oakland Trib, tonight is the grand opening party for the first East Bay offshoot of Farley's, appropriately named Farley's East. The cafe has actually been open for a few weeks, but tonight from 5pm to 9pm is the official shindig. [OT]

THE MISSION—Tonight, a very funny something called "Street Food For Singles" will take place in the Mission. Once again, MM has done the lord's work and is currently holding a poll of what time this "cacophony of street foodies and street musicians" will get shut down and which vendor will be carted (har) away in cuffs. [Mission Mission]

[Photo: Impala; automusic warning]

Cha-Ya Vegetarian Japanese

762 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 252-7825