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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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It's time for the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, wherein we take a look at the best and most awe-inspiring tweets from local and national restaurant figures.

@AmandaGold: "Snuck into fancy hotel pool this weekend. Free Arnold Palmers. Lunch poolside. Shady move? Kind of. But pure bliss."

@GaelGreene: "Think of the vibrator as just another sex toy you two can share..nice to know you can buy them now at Walmart and not just@pinkpussycat"

@StephanieIzard: "Slept on buckwheat pillow in SF hotel last night... Now I guess I will open it up and make some buckwheat pancakes for breakfast :)

@offalchris: "What do you say to guest who says your menu is gross?"

@jbonne: "goodness, what booze would you put with honeydew?? (vodka->not acceptable answer.) my animosity for melon is showing again."

Rdlewisjr: "Is there a reality show called "Extreme Attitude Makeover"? If so, I probably need to get my ass on there ASAP."

@chefryanscott: "Enjoying a sunny day at Coney Island. What is everyone else up to?"

@TylerFlorence: "Is it tacky that there is a 'Step and Repeat' wall at the MJ memorial? Or am I just kinda old fashion that way?"

@JenBiesty: "Tennis anyone?"

@linecook: Have you ever seen someone so beautiful that you thought that if they smiled at you your eyes might melt?

@ChefChiarello: "At Babbo Batalis joint in nyc! Let it be known...if Mario was cooking the Offal challange he would have sweeped!!

@brettemerson: "Modern techniques + farmers market produce = amazing meal at Bar Tartine tonight. Every dish shined. If you haven't been in a while, go!"

@ruthreichl: "The moon was full last night. Fell asleep sitting by the pool, wind rustling in the palms, crickets chirping. Tranquil and very beautiful."
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