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EaterWire: Gavin at Beretta, Dine and Dash Idiocy, More!

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THE MISSION—Mayor PlumpJack was at Beretta on Saturday night, and he apparently trumped a fellow diner for a prized four-top. Though to be fair, Gav can't sit at the communal table without anyone asking him about The Trouble With Romance. [Eye on Blogs]

TWITTERVENTIONS—With the Top Chef Masters hostess' Twitter account quickly spiraling into Miley Cyrus territory, Eater NY makes a plea—complete with animated video!—to Kelly Choi and her handlers, suggesting that perhaps it's time to revoke privileges. [~ENY~]

SOUTH BAY—Social Darwinism is alive and well down in Morgan Hill: "After scarfing down $75 worth of grilled oysters and pints of beer, two men ran off without paying their tab at Poppy's Fish and Poultry ... One of the men called the restaurant at 30 East Third St. before arriving to ask if they serve oysters. The man's cell phone number was recorded on the restaurant's caller ID log." [MHT]

HAYES VALLEY—It's unclear when exactly this happened, but with a tip of the cap to Citysearch/Little Skillet, J's Pots of Soul has shuttered. [Twitter]

NEW ORLEANS—Most of San Francisco's top bartenders spent the weekend at the annual Tales of the Cocktail, but spearheaded by PDT, New York still completely swept the Spirit Awards there. Next year, kids. [Dizzy Fizz]

[Photo: Jennifer Yin, 4/14/2008]


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