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EaterWire: Pizzeria Report, Broken Record Coda, More!

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THE MISSIONSomeone actually goes to longtime object of fascination, Valencia Street's hauntingly-desolate Pizzeria! After rattling off myriad theories about why it's always empty—more expensive than Flour + Water, no booze, no PR flacks, no pork, tikka masala pizza and the definite one: no one wants to be the only one in there—Andrew Simmons gets delivery and discovers a pizza that's not bad at all. [KQED]

MONGOLIA—So, those wild Mongolian boars that Traci Des Jardins and Loretta Keller are supposedly hunting? They're really fucking big. (Weirdest storyline of the week, by the way.) [7x7]

THE FILLMORE—The wily Appeal reads the fine print and does some investigation into the aforementioned "$10 for 10" deal at Yoshi's, suggesting that it might not be that much of a deal after all. All we know: Yoshi's, it's your move Friday night; make it good, for everyone's sake. [SFA]

EXCELSIORLady Hopstress shares a few more details on the Broken Record switcheroo. The pop-up project was too much of a grind for the departed duo Katharine Zacher and Ryan Ostler, and with regards to the promised replacements, James Moisey will unveil a new menu on Saturday. [TH, previously]

TIMES LIKE THESE—Is it possible that even the smelliest part of the drive to LA is struck by hard times? Harris Ranch—that giant cesspool of sad-looking cows on the 5—is giving away a year’s supply of beef on a weekly basis. [EaterWire]

Broken Record

1166 Geneva Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112 415 963 1713

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