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EaterWire: Three Twins Freebies, Boitano Goes Big

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LOWER HAIGHT—Because free ice cream merits planning: semi-new Three Twins will giving away free ice cream all day next Friday (7/24) in honor of one of the founders' half-birthday. Really. [FCSF via EoB]

THE CASTRO—The booze deals around town are certainly getting intriguing (or dangerous, depending on your inclinations). First came Circa's bottomless wine offer, and now Bar on Church is doing $9 bottomless draft beer from 4pm to 8pm. [via Citysearch/FunSherpa]

SAN FRANCISCO—As part of a sudden media frenzy, even Perez Hilton picked up the What Would Brian Boitano Make? story today, dubbing the upcoming show (set in SF) an unabashed stereotype. The best response came from Food Network Addict: "There's nothing stereotypical about a former figure skater, living in San Francisco, drinking some juice, while sitting on his flower-patterned chair, Perez!" [FNA]

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