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Add Chiarello to the List of Chefs With Fun Teen Hairdos

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Left to right: Michael Chiarello, Tony Bourdain (via <a href="">Ruhlman</a>),  Tom Colicchio (via <a href="
Left to right: Michael Chiarello, Tony Bourdain (via Ruhlman), Tom Colicchio (via

Tonight on Bravo, Bottega honcho Michael Chiarello makes his appearance on Top Chef Masters. To mark the occasion, it only seems fitting to share the above shot of Chiarello during his schoolboy days as a young Napa Stylist. Check out that groovy Greg Brady hairdo and that patriotic polo shirt (hubba hubba!). But the real question here is: how does young Chiarello compare with the two standard-bearers in this category, young Bourdain and young Colicchio?
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