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Off the Market: 1550 Hyde Staying Put, For Now

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Russian Hill: In the area laden with cable cars and cozy wine bars, 1550 Hyde has been for sale since last October (at least), much to the concern of its loyal following. No longer. Co-owner Kent Liggett passes along word that the team there has decided to officially take the wine bar off the market, meaning 1550 Hyde is staying put and no longer for sale.

According to Liggett, the reason for the attempted sale wasn't that they wanted to bail on the neighborhood haunt, but rather that the landlord passed away and for whatever reason, a new lease wasn't in the cards. Now, thanks to some (ahem) difficulties with the realty company who apparently botched the sales process, they're staying put and hoping to weather the recession. There's still no new lease in place, but three years are left on the current one.
· Name That Wine Bar [~ESF~]

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