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Top Chef Masters, Ep. 5: A Star Reborn, Creepy Quotes

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As in past weeks, last night's episode of Top Chef Masters was a blithe, summery, tension-free affair (yes, those are euphemisms). Anyway, episode winner Michael Chiarello made his twinkling and flirtatious return to the small screen to become the second local to advance to the next round. Vegas chef Rick Moonen came up just short but turned out to be a great example of when Ritalin might be beneficial, and the Swedish guy was, well, punctual. Most entertaining, however, were several memorable—and incredibly awkward—quotes.

Chiarello to random pretty customer: "If I had a smile like yours I wouldn't have to cook for a living."

Jay Rayner to fellow judge James Oseland: "Scientists should study that palate of yours and then donate it to the Smithsonian."

Jay Rayner: "A good panna cotta, if it's set right, is meant to wobble like a woman's breasts. I share this with you in the interest of general knowledge."
Kelly Choi: "Oh, is that right?"

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