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EaterWire: Bistro Aix Closes to Revamp, Ame Games, More!

THE MARINA—Jonathan Beard has announced that he will be closing his Bistro Aix after this weekend for a big remodel of both the restaurant and building. The plan is to complete gut the place and reopen by the end of the year ("with any luck"), at which point Aix will have installed an oak fireplace grill in the kitchen and a new facade. Godspeed. [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARE—Via @jbonne comes the news that as Clock Bar finishes up its weeklong year anniversary celebration, bartender Marco Dionysos is moving on. [Twitter]

SOMAAme continues its creative promos with a "drinking game for wine aficionados." The quick summary: server pours a flight of three anonymous wines, gives diner three grapes, diner must match the wines. Winners get wine on the house; losers get the bill. Note: it starts in August and is only available to diners in the restaurant itself. [EaterWire]

BERKELEY—With a full report in hand, a Chowhound notes that Berkeley Bowl's Cafe W Rotisserie and Grill debuted this week. It's open from 11am to 7pm this week and when breakfast start next week, it'll go 7am to 7pm. 920 Heinz Avenue, at Eighth Street; (510) 898-955; website [CH]

DOGPATCH—A billion-dollar plan to overhaul Pier 70 will go forward on Monday, and naturally, restaurants are involved in the proposal: "In addition to remediating the property and rebuilding its infrastructure, some elements of the multi-billion-dollar plan include maintaining the pier's existing ship repair business while incorporating approximately 20 historic buildings on the property into some three million square feet of new office space along with street-level dining, drinking, shopping and entertainment options, and 20 acres of open space." [Globe]


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