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Predicting Bauer: How Many Stars Will Flour + Water Get?

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Photo: Jennifer Yin, 6/1/09

We have on pretty good authority that Miketastic's Flour + Water review will run this Sunday, which means it's time to take a page out of Eater NY's playbook for a special edition of star predicting fun on this lovely Friday. Since opening two months ago (NB, local restaurateurs: the three-month review window is doneski), F+W has quickly become the latest darling in the Mission's ongoing string of pizza-centric hotspots. And yes, for pretty good reason. The question here is not how many stars you think F+W should get, but how many it will get. The poll follows, but after the jump, take a look at the evidence.

Thus far, only two major critics have officially passed judgment on the Flour + Water, and while both found it to be borderline transcendent, faults were indeed noted. Never one for negativity, Unterman overlooked "minimal service and tacit pressure to eat and leave" to proclaim it a place she'd rather eat at than anywhere else these days. Similarly, Reidinger wasn't big on the blistered pizza but lavished very high praise on every other aspect of the operation. Meanwhile, others are already predicting a rising star award for chef Tom McNaughton.

But the most important evidence to work with here is the BauerBlog and BauerTwitter. After his third visit (7/6), he noted the following: "...tastes as if they've been making pizza for years. Perfecto!" This week, he called the desserts "exceptional" and back in June, he name-dropped the restaurant in his favorite new dishes piece. So he likes the place ... seemingly, a lot. Plus if there was ever a "Bauer style" of restaurant, this is it.

However, the possible wildcard that could throw a wrench in the three-star plan is the wine service, as expressed by his dining parter Michael Murphy: "Nothing 'casual' about the (lack of) wine service at flour+H20...just smacks of laziness. What if I were to 'casually tip' didn't think so."

Discuss. Vote. Try to decode the Chronicle stars.
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Flour + Water

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