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Automusic Hall of Shame Update: Additions/Deletions

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Over a week ago, the Autoplay Hall of Shame for restaurant websites with automatic music was unveiled. The feedback was strong, and now that there's been ample opportunity for any and all involved parties to correct any problems, it's time to update the list. First of all, props to Bruno's and SF Mag for already correcting the problem; you have been exorcised. Secondly, more kudos to the restaurants/bars who quickly fixed the issue before being named (you know who you are). Most of all, thanks to everyone who passed along more offenders. The new additions are right after the jump—have you seen the new Chez Panisse website?—and please do continue to pass along your findings. Because it's time to start making a difference.

· The Alembic
· The Ambassador
· B44
· Bambuddha Lounge
· Bubble Lounge
· Catch: bubbles count
· Chez Panisse: do soft-lens intro movies
· Conduit
· Harry Denton's Starlight Room
· Joe DiMaggio's
· Koi Palace
· L'Olivier
· Maria Maria
· Rouge: wow
· Swirl on Castro

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