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Plywood Report: Out the Door, Frances, Zaytoon, More!

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Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair city. Notice something new on your block? Do share. Bonus points for including photos.

1) Pacific Heights: The Charles Phan project on Bush Street has been a plywood regular for some time now, but it looks like it might just be nearing completion. According to this ad, they're hiring this week, and have a mid-August debut in their sights. The Phan folks say that it's still slated to be another Out the Door, but we wouldn't be entirely surprised to see Phan throw a curveball before opening. [PLYWOOD]

2) The Castro: News of Melissa Perello's restaurant broke on Wednesday, and now is as good as time as any to christen Frances into the Plywood Report. As stated, it's in the old Palencia spot on 17th Street, which has sat relatively untouched since it shuttered back in December. It's a small space—less than 50 seats—and she's aiming for a fall opening. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

3) The Mission: A tipster sends along the above shot from Zaytoon, the sleek Middle Eastern hole-in-the-wall that has been in the works since the last Olympiad. As it stands, they've put up a menu inside, which would seem to suggest that there's movement afoot. Sadly, there's nary a sign of three-dollar anythings. [PLYWOOD]

4) Western Addition: Directly across from Nopa (the restaurant), the place known only as Nacho Business is coming along too. Neon beer signs have been erected and turned on, an ATM has been installed on the storefront, and the interior has a new red-and-yellow (ick) paint job. Anyone know more? [PLYWOOD]


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Out the Door

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