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Crucial PizzaWire: NYC's Una Pizza Likely Headed to SF

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Just in case news of Richard Corbo's Oakland pizzeria wasn't enough for the pizza lovers in the crowd, the Times breaks the news that Anthony Mangieri is "probably" coming to San Francisco to open another pizzeria of his own. For those unfamiliar with Mangieri, he's the tattooed pizzaiolo/owner of Manhattan's high-profile Una Pizza Napoletana, home to some of the most lauded (if polarizing) pies on that coast. Una Pizza was—and in all likelihood, will continued to be—known for its ultra-spartan menu, which offers only four items: white pizza, marinara pizza, Margherita pizza and the filetti pizza. Given California's fine produce, Mangieri says he might tack on a salad.

The fun subplot to the story is that with Una Pizza now shuttered, a second location of trendy pizzeria Motorino will be moving into its vacant East Village space. And who happens to be doing a guest-chef stint at the original Motorino, you ask? Why, the Big Apple's newest tattooed resident: Mr. Nate Appleman.
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