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Yerba Buena Steakhouse Gets a Name: Bluestem

Yerba Buena: While Press Club and Amber India continue to settle in on the Market Street side of Yerba Buena Lane, the ambitious steakhouse project by former PlumpJack GM Director of Ops Adam Jed has sat dormant for some time now. The interior still pretty much looks the same as it did back in April 2008, despite original aims for January '09. That said, the sizable 6000 6700 square-foot, 220-seat restaurant is by no means dead; in fact, it now has a name—Bluestem, coincidentally the same name as an admitted Bauer fave from his KC hometown—and an updated ETA of late fall. Logic says this is no climate for steakhouses, but with reports of 5A5's popularity, maybe it's not so bad for that genre after all.
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