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Inevitabilities: Padma to Star in Her Own Food Sitcom

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As noted by Eater NY, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Variety reports that Top Chef priestess, onetime model, face of Carl's Jr., and lauded Glitter co-star Padma Lakshmi has a sitcom deal in the works. Lakshmi and producer Charlie Corwin are still working on ideas and courting writers, but the show will most definitely revolve around the culinary world. And, drum roll, the title currently being considered: Single Serving. Ah yes, the trials and tribulations of a successful single chef trying to make it in the world of food and love—like the Zeta-Jones vehicle No Reservations, only minus Abigail Breslin and plus vapid stares and monotone voiceovers! Sounds like fun, stretched out over 12 30-min. episodes. The worrisome side of all this is that some outlets are already reporting that it means Pads might very well be departing Top Chef after this season.
· Padma Lakshmi could heat up sitcom [Variety via Eater NY/YumSugar]

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