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Rumormongering: New Bowling Alley in the Mission?

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The Mission: Keep in mind that this is some good ol' fashioned unconfirmed rumormongering at its very finest, but it would appear that a new bowling alley could be en route for the Mission. It would be on the small side (only six lanes or so) and a group is currently trying to get all the paperwork together. The biggest obstacle to be overcome is the ABC and the maze that is liquor licensing, which is tricky for places like bowling alleys. Add in the current ABC crackdown surrounding clubs and the requirements for food sales, and things get even more dicey.

Though it's definitely still only in the planning stage—albeit far enough along that the ABC is a hurdle—a potential bowling alley could be something to keep an eye on. Plus, it goes without saying that with a bowling alley in the Mission would be a gold mine. That is, if it gets through the red tape.

As always, feel free to pass along your gossip to the tipline. Anonymity guaranteed.

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