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Eater Inside: Five

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[Photos: Jennifer Yin, 7/21/09]

Berkeley: The stately lady you see here is the weeks-old Five, the East Bay newcomer on the ground floor of the remodeled Hotel Shattuck Plaza. The headliner is, of course, Scott Howard, who makes his return to running his own kitchen after his eponymous Financial District restaurant shuttered last year. For the most part, he's doing similar things on the modern American bistro menu as he's done in the past, including the signature mac-and-cheese (orzo, goat cheese, morels). Regarding Five's design, high ceilings and thick columns dominate the revamped historic space, punctuated by the chandelier that dates back to the hotel's original incarnation a century ago. In the earlygoing, already a few folks have been filed some quick first impressions, all mostly positive.

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