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Gimmicks Gone Gluttonous: Pho Garden's Pho Challenge

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Photo: Yelp

The Richmond: It's about a month-old at this point, but the completely ridiculous promotion currently at work at Clement Street's Pho Garden deserves to be highlighted. Dubbed the Pho Challenge, the restaurant does exactly what you think it does: send out a cartoonish, giant bowl of pho, with the offer that it is gratis if it gets finished. The advertisement—"2 pounds of noodles. 2 pounds of meat. We seek true competetitors [sic]"—gives you an idea of the volume, but including the broth, which doesn't have to be finished to "win," the entire bowl taps out at about 17 pounds. So yeah, utterly unnecessary and borderline gross, but at the same time, judging from the overwhelming response (see all the buzz on Yelp), the gimmick is a success, and certainly helping the otherwise-anonymous Pho Garden distinguish itself from the pack. Silly as it may be.
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