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EaterWire: 'Bucks Rebrands, Coda Date, Marin Fun, More!

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THE MISSION—Levende replacement Coda sends an update on its progress: the "jazz supper club" is still due to open on Tuesday, August 4th. For more info, like Eastside West vet Chris Pastena's menu, check the website. As for the ambiance: "The décor is highlighted by green colors." So there's that. [EaterWire]

SEATTLE—It got some media play earlier this week, but Starbucks' latest ploy debuts in Seattle today. Instead of being called Starbucks, it's 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea and looks like all those coffeehouses Sbux tried to put out of business over the years. Other fun facts: it is modeled in a "rustic" style, sells booze, features poetry readings, has a table made from a boat, will sell sardines (??), and best of all, is actually mimicking its neighboring businesses. [ST]

OAKLAND—Alongside NYC's Aureole and Chicago's Browntrout, the East Bay branch of Burma Superstar earns some national ink with a nod in Gourmet as one of the country's hottest openings. Related: Gourmet's office drama: it's just like yours! [Gourmet/Gawker]

WINE COUNTRY—How did it take someone so long to come up with such an incredibly-sensible idea? From the St. Helena Star: "The new Cheers! Cars service would be a nonprofit taxi service featuring the famous London Black Cabs. Visitors and residents could use it for a fare or on a subscription basis." A taxi service. In Wine Country. Imagine that. [SHS]

MARINSFist found maybe the best story of the day: at a McDonald's in Mill Valley, a retired police officer saw an old man acting suspiciously around a two-year-old, so he called in backup (cue suspenseful music). When backup arrived, they discovered that...—well, the riveting conclusion is at SFist. [SFist]

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