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Stunts: Hawaiian Eatery to Serve Julia Child Specialties

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The Fillmore: With all due respect to Food Inc., has there been a bigger food film media push than this current Julie & Julia flurry? Of all the stunts around the interwebs (and obviously, the blogs), this one might take the cake: on the film's opening weekend of August 7th, the Sundance Kitchen—that odd little restaurant next door/connected to the fancypants Kabuki cinemas— will add several signature dishes from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking to its usual menu.

Oh, but did we mention that Sundance Kitchen is a Hawaiian restaurant? So, in theory, if you have ever wanted to order ahi poke and quiche lorraine with a side of spam musubi and asperges au naturelle ("tender blanched asparagus covered in a white wine bearnaise"), now is the time.
· Special Julia Child Menu Additions [.pdf]
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