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TrendWatch: Curbside to Morph Into (Surprise) a Pizzeria

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The Marina/Presidio: Ask and ye shall receive (more). When it comes to Bay Area pizza, last week alone saw no less than three newcomers in various states of arrival, and it's time to tack on another. Less than two months after Curbside shuttered, the Lombard Street space has already been snatched up off the market. On the way is a pizza-centric eatery to be called Pizzeria Avellino. Avellino is an Italian city right outside of Naples, so it's a good bet that the pizza is going to be yet another one in the Neopolitan style. The space itself is tiny, so if Pizzeria Avellino tries to model themselves on something more modestly brilliant like, say, Pizzetta 211 instead of new neighbor A16 (also of Campanian descent), then we could have something here.
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