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Quotes of the Day: Tyler Florence on His Vision, Bruni

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Financial District: It's obviously much too soon to determine if Wayfare Tavern, Tyler Florence's upcoming venture in the old Rubicon space, is going to be a winner or a bust. That said, the Applebee's spokesman might—might—want to fine-tune the buzz surrounding his new project, because his most recent description reads like something out of The Onion: "...[Florence has] been researching old San Francisco restaurant menus, noting that the city's culinary scene was 'French, bohemian and Wild West, all at the same time.'" All at the same culinary time, people.

Meanwhile, fingers crossed that Frank Bruni somehow finds his way to Wayfare Tavern, because this tidbit is the runner-up for the TyFlo Quote of the Day: "Bruni must go! Govind got 3 stars in L.A. 3 Stars in Miami. Whaaa,it's too noisy, Whaaa,The bathroom too far." Yeah, this is gonna be fun.
· Boom: Tyler Florence Signs Lease For Rubicon Space [~ESF~]

Wayfare Tavern

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